9 years full time experience in system analysis, project planning, architecture design, coding and development, test planning, quality measurement, quality control, risk and hazard analysis and maintenance 
High knowledge in Business processes: Operations KPI, Financial Audit, Revenue Management and Pricing, Accounting, Customer infringements and Accounts Receivable, Insurance, Online Reservations and Standards, Walk-in Retail, Call Center, Damages and Claims, Fleet, Asset Management, Marketing
Expert in Web infrastructure, Workstation application and PDA software development 
Proficiency in MS SQL server: Managing Big Data, RDBMS design, SQL coding, Performance analysis, SQL Optimization, Data Re-Engineering, Data Mapping and migration, SQL Services, Reporting Services, SSIS
Highly skilled in OOA/OOD, Visual Studio C#, VB, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, OLEDB, XSLT, XML, Web Services, Ajax, Client Server/Multi-Tier architectures, Change management, Software Version control, Project Management and Lifecycle(SDLC), Cross browser Web design, Browser Plug-in design, HTML5, Windows Azure
Practical knowledge in applying Business Intelligence, Decision Making and Modeling Algorithms on sprit sheets (exp. Excel Solver): Network Modeling(Optimization Max/Min, Shortest Path, Sales Person, Data Flow Concept, Minimal spanning trees, Relaxation), Seasonal and Trend data modeling (Weighted Moving Averages, Exponential Smoothing, Holt-Winter, Quadratic Trend), Distribution Analysis (Chi-Square, Statistical Distributions [Gaussian, Binary, Poisson], Mont Carlo Simulation)  ,Queuing Theory,  Non linear statistical Modeling(Regression),  Project Management(CPM, GANT), Decision Trees, Basic linear Correlations (Pearson Algorithm), Fuzzy logic and possibility problem solving, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms
Methodologies: Agile(Scrum, XP) and Traditional(Waterfall, Spiral, RAD) methodologies
System Modeling under UML Diagrams, Service Modeling with ANSI Diagram, DB Modeling with ER Diagram
Professional graphic and animation design with: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash
Bilingual, fluent in English, French
Outstanding Communication Skill with every Level of Client, Multi-Tasking, Organized, Fast Learner, Friendly and Dedicated work ethic
M.Sc., Software Engineering.    
     University of Montreal – Polytechnique Montreal 


Master of Advanced Studies (D.E.S.S), Management - part time - parallel study
     University of Montreal – HEC Montreal
B.Sc., Software Engineering 
     Beheshti University of Tehran
Discount Car and Truck Rentals Head Office, IT Department. (Toronto)
Programming and Design Tools: 
C#.NET, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, SQL Server 2000, 2008, Ajax Components. SQL SSIS, SQL RPT, RDL, Stored procedures, Triggers, SQL scheduling tasks, SMS reporting applications 
Custom report components: DBXtra and Intelliview. 
Troubleshooting and Ticketing tools: Numara TrackIt, Internal Custom made tools
Graphic Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver, Visio.
Operating System and Server Panels:
 Windows Server 2003/2012, IIS6, IIS7
Developed software (architecture / database design and code ):
Internal applications:
-      Created 7 web and 1 workstation applications, designed more than 180 web based reports (more than 3000 monthly usage, monitored on March 2013), dozens of scheduled email and SMS reports for Internal departments and external clients (Rental brokers, dealerships and body shops), 300 branches and dozens of franchises (Ontario, Quebec and Alberta), Resolved about 1130 Troubleshooting IT Requests, Created 67 Wiki technical documents.  
Self  Inventions – Project planning, Feasibility assessment, Architecture design to Development:
-      Ontario/Alberta vehicle ownership OCR application to OCR 12000 vehicle cards per year by VIN and plate number; Accuracy of application 94%, 3 weeks implementation time, functional for 2 years now, saving 40hours operator’s time (same process outsource assessed price: $35,000 annually). 
-      Vehicle Availability Matrix (Core of Discount Rental): SQL procedure optimization for real-time scheduling 12000 vehicles’ availability (21 car classes under multiple statuses: under rent, reservation, maintenance and transfer between 200 Ontario and 100 Alberta branches by own drivers, etc) for next 14 days. Original process outsourced in Nov. 2011 and was running in batch taking 2 hours midnight scheduled; My optimization (2 weeks design time) changed the run time to under 1 second real-time available anytime to all 300 branches. Application tested and approved by head operations; running since Jan. 2012.
Permanent Position
(33 months)
Xerolog Inc. (Aurora, Ontario)
Programming and Design Tools: 
C#.NET, ASP.NET, VBscript, SQL Server, SQL Server Express, MSAccess, Javascript, PHP, HTML, Ajax Components. 
Graphic Tools:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash
Operating System and Server Panels:
 Windows Server 2003, Plesk Administrator and IIS7. 
Developed softwares (including architecture / database design and code ):
Web 2 Administration System and static page generator package:
-      Fully automatic and independent online website generator with the possibility to manage unlimited web users, unlimited online static website creation with dynamic update, manages server resources, HTML compiler/decompiled and advanced user and event monitoring and warning mechanism.  (please visit: getdiona.com)
Website Packages:
-      Online and batch Product list, photo album and shopping cart, online payment, online invoicing, administrator control panel, newsletter and bulk messaging.
-      Online Utility function library with domain search, and some Excel functions and reports such as loan calculation, csv maker, email sender, PayPal forms, etc.
Specific Products:
-  5 Online immigration qualification test and application forms: Served 2 Clients
- Travel Agency assistance and online reservation application forms and questionnaires
Some of ASP.NET Websites for independent clients: 
Kia Dealership(airportkia.ca), Medical schools(acpuncture.ca, emergica.com), Online grocery & dynamic product list(parnikgrocery.info, salembash.com), Online promotional items list and possibility of add to cart, Telecommunication companies(nexxvoip.com, freecall2.com), Immigration companies (asmaconsulting.com, visas4us.com,  visas4canada.com), Personal and graphic work websites(speedphoto.ca, landscapingont.com, pfcdiesel.com), tour and travel agencies(rahtourcanada.com), Makeup artistry sample (makeupnarbrush.com , canadaphototour.com ) Cosmetics and beauty (makeupnairbrush.com), etc.
Computer operations level I & II, MS power point, basic web design with MS FrontPage. 
Contract based 
(16 months)
Programming and Design Tools/Operating Systems and Server Panels: 
  C#.NET, VB.NET, Visual C++, C#.NET, Java, SQL Server Compact, Oracle, ASP Web services ,SQL Server Compact, .NET Remoting, Windows CE 3 & 5 on Intermec machines, Crystal Report  8, MSAccess, Lucene Library for .NET, Windows Server 2003/2012, IIS6, IIS7
Viascan (Montreal)
Developed Software: 
Bilingual program, More than 800k item barcode PDA database, instant data displaying after reading each barcode, ability to synchronize database with the central transport and warehouse system. Program served Canadian Tire, Zellers and The Bay Transporters who use Microsoft. 
(3 months)
Site Alpha Inc. (Montreal)
Developed Softwares: 
Pocket PC (C# in Windows CE3 and 5), BlackBerry(Java) based client-server application for: Building Construction and substantial environment development including financial processes, Task schedule and work order definition, warehouse monitoring, sophisticated partial and complete data synchronization by email, internet web services and USB port, item barcode generator and database interface.
Developed Interface Components: 
-   Windows Mobile C# based components: graphic button, Data Grid, High speed windows graphic form, multi-threaded barcode device speed check 
-      C++ based memory manager and task killer
Quality Measurement/Improvement:
Pocket PC performance check, memory monitoring, application speed analysis and recovery
Permanent Position
(9 months)
Averna Technologies (Montreal)
Developed Software: 
Application wrapping and packaging an unfinished project: Report Generator Application for testing Earplugs
(3 months)
NLP Technologies (Montreal)
Developed Softwares: 
-   Judicial search engine and DB design for Legal Documents in Immigration and Taxation fields indexed in Federal, Supreme and Appeal Courts of Canada and Barreau du Quebec
-   Web crawler to retrieve and index online documents based on year, content and language from more than 1 million online documents in Canlii website
-   Advance Google liked search interface with the possibility of: Fuzzy search, Steam of phrases, distance search for words in documents, Boolean keyword search
Maintenance – Administration tasks: 
SQL Server Data Base Setup, Administration, Security, User and Role management, Data backup, recovery and performance improvement
Other tasks:
Software patent document re-writing, business plan translation from English to French
(9 Months)
Other Experiences as Software developer, System analyst  (France/Paris - lran/Tehran)
-   LIP6 Laboratory (Paris 6 University [lip6.fr]): WAN network performance analyst-trainee
-   Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (msrt.ir): Software Specialist, Ministry training team coordinator
-   Mehr Afzar Shahab: Software developer, importing Exporting report generator, Performa and invoice printing for drug stores and medical product dealers
-   Iran Hi-Tech: Accounting Systems programmer/Trainee
-   System Group (Largest Iranian Private Software Company [systemgroup.net]): analyst Programmer:  Employee Time sheet software
(12 months)
Published IEEE computer society article titled: “Flow Classification over Internet or How to Catch Flows in a Markovian Hunting Net” and “Fast Flow Classification over Internet”, accepted in CNSR 2004 conference, Canada, ISBN: 0-7695-2096-0.
Scholarship financial grant of Egide, sponsored by French government, for pre-doctoral research in network performance analysis and traffic control at Lip6 library (Paris 6 University).
Scholarship financial grant for Masters’ research offered by University of Montreal – Ecole Polytechnique Montreal. Research subject:  Adaptive Internet Search by Using Wikipedia for Query Expansion.
Rotary outstanding service citation for high school student CampEnterprise activity; Signed by Chairman J. Laurion
Discount Car and Truck Rentals white paper: A cost effective framework to huge volume industrial document Optical Character Recognition; a study on integrating third party OCR tools to achieve accurate matching documents to existing data
Painting (acrylic, watercolor), Sculpting (clay- stone casting): Photos available at beautifolio.com  
Martial Sports: Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won, 1992 – World Kuk Sool Federation, Chess, Sport Fishing
Volunteer work: Member of Aurora Rotary Club (2008 to 2010), position: Club Services Coordinator. Member of 
    Montreal Rotary club, Ville Marie (2006 to 2008), position: regular member. 
     Volunteer website Designs: campenterprise.ca, rotaryaurora.com