My name is Amir [masoud] Oveissian. I'm a software specialist experienced in major Microsoft technologies, Operating systems, .NET and  MSSQL Server on multiple platforms Web, PC and Microsoft Window mobile platforms. I am parallely graduated in Sofware Engineering and Management.


Interests in Management
My interests in management are:

-  Management Theory and Generations
-  Kaizen
-  Enterprise decision modeling based on mathematical series, regression, linear and non-linear optimisation
-   Marketing and Mix-Marketing strategies (products and services)
-  PME Management and business structure modeling and analysis
-  Business process and software re-engineering
-  Business Process Modeling
-  Operation Measurement and Management 
-  Problem solwing, Decision Making and Business Intelligence Algorithms on sprit sheets (exp. Excel Solver): Network Modeling(Optimization Max/Min, Shortest Path, Sales Person, Data Flow Concept, Minimal spanning trees, Relaxation), Seasonal and Trend data modeling (Weighted Moving Averages, Exponential Smoothing, Holt-Winter, Quadratic Trend), Distribution Analysis (Chi-Square, Statistical Distributions; Gaussian, Binary, Poisson, Mont Carlo Simulation) ,Queuing Theory, Non linear statistical Modeling(Regression), Project Management(CPM, GANT), Decision Trees, Basic linear Correlations (Pearson Algorithm), Fuzzy logic and possibility problem solving, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms
My Activity in Art

I grow multiple dimentions in my spirit and life. Self-studied Art is my first choice of variety after achademic education in software and management. Check my art portfoli here.

My Philosophy of Life

 I have some philosophies that value much based my mind on:

- Human is nothing but experience (This is my religion; I translated this phrase from Arabic). 

- Always, have your own judgment for Every Thing; but don’t forget the cost calcul before experience.

- My destiny is written(maybe by myself) with all details I discover or re-discover through a period called life; The only thing that makes me feel unfamiliar to its next step is the Time Factor.

- The terms 'Start' and 'End' are illusions caused by another illusion: Time!

- Most of people I see are naïve; remaining minority only look like naïve!

- The thing we call 'God' is pure love and creativity; therefore poor god is living in pure need and neccessity!

-  This is from my father's father: "Today, even if having enough money, use perfumes and dress in a way that you be sure you're able to afford a better one tomorrow" I think in 19'th century, they also believed in substantial growth :)

- My father quotes from his grand father: "An idiot has 3 signs: 
    - Goes to same movie more than once.
    - Takes much photos.
   - Falls in love again and again"
I think he should be alive and see above concept has dominated the world :) half of people are photographers or they think they are (other half think they are models, a 21'st century's sign of idiocity?), 'falling in love' concept has completely changed. About the first one, I'm still not sure but If talking about politicians, we are all following same movies again and again :)

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